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Complete Home Staging

Is it time to sell your home?
Professional staging is absolutely worth the investment!

Understanding that a staged home will look larger than an empty home is the beginning.  If you want to keep your own furnishings have NBL Design evaluate your space and offer  "fresh eyes" to help you see how buyers will respond.  The process of staging takes the focus of your home away from you and puts it on the potential new owners of your home.   Thoughtful staging should take into consideration these factors:


  • Knowing your buyer.

  • Maximizing the space potential.

  • Understanding current colors and trends.

  • Choosing appropriate furnishings          accessories.



The key to successfully staged design is to accentuate the postive.  Every home has flaws. Staging skillfully and subtly conceals imperfections by careully drawing the eye away from the flaw.  The focus then becomes all that is good. 


A purposeful and photogenic color palette will bring personality into a empty space.  Coordinating furnishings and accessories in synchronicity with the style of the home will create an inviting atmosphere.  You want buyers to feel they can drop their bags and move right in.


A complete professional team will deliver and stage your home typically in a single day, depending on the size.

The transformation will be remarkable, and the home you are selling will be completely ready to show.

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